Work Examples

Transmission Rebuilds

6L80 GM Transmission

2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 – 6L80 Transmission
Customer said that a friend tried to rebuild their transmission but afterwards it wouldn’t move at all.
We removed the transmission and found it had been assembled incorrectly in the 3/4/5 drum which had burned up the brand-new clutches that had been installed and spread metal through-out the transmission.
Rebuilt transmission with rebuild kit and installed Transgo Shift kit in valve body and a Transgo Clutch Select Valve and TCC Regulator Valve Kit to update the pump.


2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee- 722.6/NAG1 Transmission
Transmission came in low on fluid and with speed sensor codes- this is a Mercedes transmission that they sometimes installed into Jeeps, Sprinters, Dodges and Chryslers.
A sprag inside the transmission came apart which spread metal throughout the transmission- the metal collected on the speed sensor ends which are magnetic causing speed sensor codes.
Speed sensor are located on top of valve body.
Rebuilt transmission with new speed sensor plate, sprag, rebuild kit and Transgo Shift kit.


2016 Ram 3500 90k miles- 68RFE transmission
Vehicle would not drive-up hills and became stuck in 4th gear- check engine light is on.
Vehicle will sometime default to “Limp mode” which will be 3rd or 4th gear when they have a transmission code to protect transmission.
Overdrive clutches had no clutch material on them anymore- clutches were burned up, molded pistons in overdrive section were also damaged.
Rebuilt transmission with a full rebuild kit, new electrical, Transgo Shift kit and Solenoid switch valve kit. We have several different upgrade packages for 68RFE’s to slightly upgrade to a very heavy duty transmission.

Transfer Case Rebuilds

2017 GMC Sierra 2500HD Transfer case

Customer had a grinding noise when starting out forward in 2wd. Checked all fluids and transfer case fluid was black and full of metal. Found a bearing had failed – replaced with new one and all new seals.

2004 Chevy 2500HD Diesel W/Allison Transmission and 263XHD Transfer Case

Customer came in with no fluid in transfer case- These transfer cases (263, 263XHD, 246, 261)

Customer came in with no fluid in transfer case- These transfer cases (263, 263XHD, 246, 261) have a pump that moves back and forth and pokes a hole in the case half. Sometimes if the hole is small enough the case can be JB welded and a case safer (a part that sits between the case and the pump) can be installed to prevent further damage. This case was too badly damaged and the case half had to be replaced and a case saver installed into the new housing.  Original case halves are magnesium and new case halves are aluminum- increasing the durability.